Why seeing a physician may be a good idea if you’ve recently developed tinnitus.

In some cases, tinnitus can develop as a side effect of certain medications. If you find that the severity of your tinnitus is unmanageable, your physician may be able to suggest alternative medication that does not cause tinnitus for you. However, if this is not an option for you, options such as tinnitus management strategies or sound therapy may be worth considering.

It is also possible that tinnitus can result from fixable or temporary issues within your ear such as an external ear infection or earwax impaction.  Your physician or an otolaryngologist may be able to advise you or assist you under these circumstances. If this is what is causing your tinnitus, you may be able to eliminate the noise by dealing with such causes directly.

However, for most people, tinnitus results from hearing damage that occurs as we age or due to environmental noise exposure (this could be at work or through entertainment). In these cases, the tinnitus may result from changes that have occurred throughout the auditory system in your brain.  Our aim is to provide you with a sound therapy that is customized for you so that some of these changes can be minimized or reversed, with the result being reduced or eliminated tinnitus.

An audiogram from an audiologist showing the level of hearing loss in each ear.

Speaking with an audiologist or otolaryngologist may help you determine whether or not you have hearing loss. Unfortunately, traditional hearing tests are not always complete, and you may have hearing damage even if these tests do not uncover it.  We are designing a tinnitus characterization tool that attempts to shed light on your condition even if you do not have clinically recognized hearing loss. This way we hope to design the right sound therapy for you regardless of whether your audiologist tells you that you have hearing loss.

It is important to note that there are still more potential causes of tinnitus (e.g. head trauma, whip lash etc.) and while these may not make up the majority of cases, they may be relevant to you.  There are different tinnitus treatment and management strategies out there and while we would hope that our treatment could work for you regardless of the cause of your tinnitus, we first and foremost want you to be comfortable with the option you select to treat your tinnitus.

Feel free to contact us with any questions and concerns.

– Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments Team