I would recommend this to anyone and have found that my life has become more calm.

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My tinnitus seemed to be getting worse. I saw the ad in the Spectator and decided to try  it.

I started on March 1 and found it helpful. After about a week I was no longer waking up at night with this loud noise in my ears.* I continued the treatment still finding improvement and have now completed 3 months and 21 days.

I have not found the sounds a problem but the hardest part for me was finding time in the day for 2 hours of treatment.

I would recommend this to anyone and have found that my life has become more calm. Sound options was life altering for me.*

JimLong time tinnitus sufferer with recent increase in tinnitus.

My tinnitus is definitely not as loud within a month since I started the sound therapy. I have had in the past that tinnitus has woken me up. I don’t recall waking up in the past month or so. Before it woke me up because it has been so loud. This is excellent – it has been quite a while since I’ve woken up in the middle of the night because of my ringing.*

Brenda54 and suffered from alarm bell ringing in her ears for 12 years

Since listening to the music from your treatment, it makes the tinnitus much less. I’m listening to the music two hours a day and I get relief from tinnitus – it’s a really good trade off coming to think of it. My hearing aid has a masker and it’s very unpleasant – and it was a very expensive purchase too. This music therapy you have is just so much better! More pleasant, more convenient and way cheaper. I wish I found out about you guys earlier in the game!

Fred70 and suffered from high pitched tone for 6 years

I am getting more sleep at night because of the treatment. Before, I used to wake up at about 3am and now I can sleep through the night. That’s the difference since the start. I need to listen to the tinnitus to notice it nowadays.

John55 and suffered from buzzing tinnitus for over a year.

I felt the difference in my tinnitus within the first 2.5 months of using the treatment. My ears have responded extremely well. I really have to pay attention to see if it’s still there, to the point where I had to go like, wow, where is the ringing? I just have to say that it’s a huge difference compared to when I first started the treatment – wow the therapy really made a difference in my tinnitus!*

Deepti64 and suffered from tonal tinnitus over 4 years

After using the therapy, I noticed that the tinnitus doesn’t bother me quite as much as it did before. I’m also fighting hearing loss. I can certainly take it off (hearing aids) for the music and that has not been a problem. The treatment’s very soothing and I love the music. The music is lower level than my tinnitus so that it doesn’t blast in my ears. Two hours every day with no break in between, that’s what I do, around bed time with my book. The music’s so pleasant to the ears!

Candice59 and suffered from hissing tinnitus for over 20 years.

The therapy takes the ringing away. I prefer this over the radio to shut my tinnitus out, because with the radio it’s temporary and with this, it’s long-lasting. It took about 6 weeks before the ringing sort of dies down when I used the sound therapy. The ringing is still there but it’s definitely not as pronounced. So when I’m carrying out a conversation I won’t notice the ringing in my ears.*

Ming Hua57 and suffered from ringing tinnitus for over 10 years

I find that it helps my tinnitus. Well, on extremely stressful days obviously, my tinnitus worsens because I know my tinnitus is bad when I’m stressed. But on average even though I have a problem in higher pitch and in volume for a year I don’t notice it as much. I enjoy listening to the music – classical is my favorite so it works out perfectly for me.

Nancy46 and suffered from high pitch tone for 7 years

I found the music quite helpful for my tinnitus

NezA long time tinnitus sufferer

I can tell you right off the bat that these tracks are better than the tinnitus therapy tracks provided with my noise generator!

SamuelFinally found relief to ringing

I can really relax when listening to the treatment and I miss it when I forget to take it somewhere.

JaneTinnitus sufferer with over 10 years of hissing tinnitus

I now have fewer bad days with my tinnitus.

BrianTinnitus sufferer with over 5 years of chronic tinnitus

After using your tinnitus treatment for the last 4 months, my tinnitus in one ear is almost gone!*

LauraTinnitus that had gotten much worse before treatment

It’s only day three and I already see a difference…my reaction to it (tinnitus) was more muted!*

StephanieLong-time tinnitus sufferer

After 3 months of using this treatment, I started noticing results, and now I feel like I have more control over my tinnitus.*

SeanFrustrated by tinnitus for 3 years

Thank you so much for your hard work and progress with tinnitus.  As you well know, it is a challenge to have, but through your hard work you give those of us with this issue help as well as hope.

LindaLongtime tinnitus sufferer

This has been lowering my husband’s tinnitus since he has started using it 2 months ago.  It’s amazing!*

AnnaHelped find treatment for her husband

This sound therapy has helped a lot. I’m getting 8 to 9 hours of sleep. It definitely has helped me.*

H. K.Severe tinnitus came on rapidly

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