Positive Results from 3-month Follow-up

Three-month follow-ups with some of the tinnitus sufferers who participated in our music therapy study reported positive results. Upon speaking with participants (pseudonyms are used) who have used our music package, they noted good changes to their tinnitus and improvements in their lifestyle, including:

  • A positive, noticeable change in tinnitus loudness. George noted that the music package helped make his tinnitus change from ‘deafening’ to a much more tolerable level. The tinnitus no longer distracts him as much as before with work tasks he has on hand.
  • More control over tinnitus. After listening to the music, Robert feels more in control of his tinnitus. The tinnitus used to be a strong ‘shhhh’ sound. Ever since committing to our music therapy study, he describes the change he has observed as the tinnitus in his ears adapting to the music tracks and allowing the music to control tinnitus pitch and loudness. As such, the previously loud pitches in the ears start to subside. For the first time, he feels lasting relief and in control of his tinnitus.
  • No more tinnitus during work. Victoria very much enjoys listening to the music tracks she received, and she notices that tinnitus can sometimes disappear altogether during her working hours. She listens to the music while at work, and it’s helping her cope with the loud ringing in her ears during work.
  • Improved sleep and better well-being. Ever since tinnitus entered Shawn’s life, he has been lacking sleep and due to this, he became easily irritated and quick-tempered. But for the very first time, he now has more hours of sleep after listening to the music package. The tinnitus is also less ‘consuming’ – now he needs to listen for the tinnitus to notice it. As he claims, the music package has greatly improved his sleeping patterns by getting more hours of sleep per day. Because of more sleep, he finds himself less irritable and feels he is taking a big step towards an improved quality of life.
  • No more stigma. Felix suggested that music loaded on any device that plays MP3 music was a great way to deliver a tinnitus treatment versus the use of hearing aids due to the stigma attached to hearing aids (being recognized as hearing impaired), when in fact tinnitus was his only major concern. Having a portable device with music to listen to is a modern way to treat tinnitus.
  • Portable device and effective sound therapy brings music to the ears. All participants that were interviewed during the follow-up collectively agreed that the music package brings so much convenience and joy. They can listen to the music whenever they choose, and wherever they are. Because the music package is different from traditional sound therapies that use white noise or pure tones and other sounds, commitment to routine listening was easy, and the entire experience was pleasant and relaxing.
  • More, Please! Last but not least, most participants in the study so far expressed a desire for more music tracks added to their collection, because they simply want more of something they love listening to every day!
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