Development Update

Development has been a key aspect of our growth process early on, and we are committed to doing it right.

We are happy to announce that the software used to customize our sound therapies is now complete. The last few weeks have involved thorough testing of our algorithms and software.

We will soon release a tool that allows people to describe their tinnitus so that we can use that information to customize tinnitus treatments for anyone that is presently interested. When this tool is ready for use, we will make it available and you can decide if you would like to try our sound therapy.

Our next step will be to conduct clinical tests of our sound therapy. While there is evidence that customizing a sound therapy for tinnitus is beneficial, we are the first to offer a sophisticated customized sound therapy that takes the underlying neuroscience of tinnitus into account, and so we want to measure just how effective this therapy will be. This will allow us to make further improvements to the treatment in the future.  If you think you may be interested in participating in this clinical study, feel free to send us an e-mail and we will contact you as the details for the study are finalized in the coming months.


– Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments Team