Sound Options Working with HearingLife Canada

When tinnitus sufferers are told to learn to live with it, part of the solution to this is to give people access to options for treating or managing their tinnitus.  We are proud to announce that with our new partnership with HearingLife Canada starting this month, we are now able to make tinnitus treatments available to more tinnitus sufferers than ever before.  Sound Options will not only be available at more locations in different regions across Canada, but will also put a tinnitus treatment in reach for many more Canadians.  We are excited to now work with the great hearing healthcare professionals at HearingLife Canada at all of its locations.

Where you can find Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments

Here is a little information about HearingLife Canada:

“We are Canada’s largest group of hearing centres with over 200 locations across the country. We give you access to the most advanced hearing aid technology, expert clinical support and the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment. Rest assured that all of our clinics are staffed by highly trained and certified healthcare professionals ready to give you expert care and on-the-spot results.”


Sound Options will continue seeking out partners across North America to increase access to affordable tinnitus treatments.

If you are looking for a clinic in your area, take a look here or contact us if you cannot find one.

Take Care of Your Hearing From the Start

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How much do you consider your hearing when you are in your teenage years or in your 20s?

Unfortunately, it is not always something that is top of mind.  Many people are exposed to noise trauma that can permanently damage hearing during this period of their lives. For certain groups, such as those serving in the armed forces, this is challenging to prevent. However, there is an alarming trend in the general population when it comes to exposing our ears to dangerous sound levels on a regular basis.

The World Health Organization recently put out a report indicating that over 1 BILLION teens and young adults are at risk of hearing damage.  This is a staggering number, but in a sense, the information is not all that surprising. The reason for this number is the common misuse of headphones (who hasn’t heard someone’s music from across a crowded bus?) and exposure to events where loud sound and loud music are the goal of the venue.  Because these trends are increasing, there is a greater need than ever to give young people an idea of the risks of this noise exposure. This way, they can make an informed choice.

Safe listening levels may not be exciting, but if you are a young person who chooses to get “the most out of music” by turning up the volume, you should be aware that there are some potentially serious consequences.  Hearing loss is the most obvious, but it is not the only one. It is also common for those with hearing loss to develop tinnitus: a constant ringing, hissing or buzzing. You can get a better appreciation for how tinnitus can affect your life, even when young by taking some time to view this.

In addition to this, there is now research suggesting that there may be other effects of young people abusing their ears: depression, anxiety and even thoughts of suicide. In fact, a recent study suggested that those between 16 and 25 years old who experience permanent hearing symptoms were at least TWICE as likely to have symptoms of depression and thoughts of suicide.

Given the trends for hearing abuse among young people, there are clearly many reasons to create more awareness now.


Despite all of the harsh facts and information covered here, it is not all doom and gloom. Music is a great source of enjoyment for us and there is no reason to stop enjoying it if we are mindful of the proper way to do so. Headphones can also be a great way to listen, but too many people feel the need to crank up the volume even if they have around-the-ear noise-cancelling headphones. These headphones are designed to bring the sound closer to your ear and to help you tune out the outside environment. Because of this, you don’t have to set the volume as high. In fact, the hearing system in the brain adapts to sound so that you can enjoy the music at a safe volume.

We want to do our part to inform people without tinnitus about ways to prevent hearing-related issues. At the same time, even those with hearing damage, can still take steps to protect their hearing. If you are fortunate enough not to deal with tinnitus or to have good hearing, we hope you will consider ways to protect something we often take for granted.

If you consider this now, you will thank yourself in later years.

More Information

Simple graphical information on different noise levels and how long you can be safely exposed to them.

WHO Report:


Study on young people, exposure to loud music, and effects of hearing damage:

Vogel et al. (2014). Risky Music Listening, Permanent Tinnitus and Depression, Anxiety, Thoughts about Suicide and Adverse General Health.

Sound Options creating traction at the Ontario Science Centre!

brainfestSound Options was invited by the Ontario Brain Institute  to do a demo at the Ontario Science Centre! The company created a lot of traction and many learned more about tinnitus and the brain. Potential customers who heard about the Sound Options demo event also travelled from Waterloo and Hamilton region just to see us in action! The demo took place in celebration for BrainFEST, which ran between January 17-18, 2015.

Curious minds of all ages learned how our brain thinks, and process information!



Exciting Progress for 2015

As a tinnitus treatment provider, we are always working hard to provide the best service and care to our customers. While we are still growing, we also try to raise awareness for tinnitus and tinnitus care in the community and wherever we can get people to listen.  Because of this, we were proud to be listed as a company to watch for 2015 by the Hamilton Spectator.  You can read more about us and other companies here:



We’re excited to provide treatments to many tinnitus sufferers in 2015 and to keep helping people reduce their tinnitus and manage this challenging condition.


– The Sound Options Team

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays


The whole team at Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments would like to wish you and your families all the best during the Holidays Season. We hope you have enjoyable and memorable holidays this year and a very Happy New Year!

Sound Options at Toronto Business Showcase

Impact Showcase For BlogSound Options was featured at a exhibit of up and coming businesses in Toronto at the MaRS building on University and College. This was a great event that featured many exciting ideas and businesses. What we enjoyed most was speaking with the wide range of people that came by our table. We had quite a few interested tinnitus sufferers or members of their family speak with us about our sound therapy and their condition. We are grateful to have a chance to learn more about people living with tinnitus and how they are looking to manage it. 

In addition, we got to speak with many interesting people in the health technology space, and those who are interested in growing and expanding this area. While many of these people were investors or executives, we did have a chance to speak with one young man who has a great spirit and is working hard to inspire young people to pursue science, technology, engineering and math. In years to come, I think we will all benefit from his efforts.


You can find out more about Aidan and his initiative at

Looking for clinics that can offer help?

23964956_l - Vertical - woman at audioogistWe are now listing clinics that are working with us to deliver effective tinnitus treatment options.  You can find them here.

We will be adding additional clinics in the near future and you can always contact us to discuss alternate options if you cannot find a clinic close to you.


We’re Finalists!


Sound Options is excited to announce that we have been selected as finalists for the Lion’s Lair competition after a very competitive screening process to pick the most promising and innovative new companies with a presence in Hamilton Ontario. The Lion’s Lair competition provides media attention and support for all finalists, and the possibility of over $100,000 in cash and professional services for finalists selected through a pitch competition that will air on TV.

We’re looking forward to using this opportunity to create more awareness for tinnitus and the treatment that we have developed in both the community and among healthcare professionals.

Stay tuned as we share more about the competition in the weeks ahead.