Sound Options Treatment Update

Development Update


Our software is nearing completion

We are currently working to optimize the software that produces the customized sound therapy.

As we outline on our website, at the core of our sound therapy design is a computational model that captures brain changes thought to cause tinnitus. This model is quite complex and can require several days of processing to produce a customized therapy. We are currently optimizing this process so that we can more easily and quickly develop treatments.

We hope to have this final stage completed in the coming months so that we can begin producing sound therapies for those with tinnitus.

Thank you for your interest and patience during this time.

– Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments Team

Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments Blog

Hello and welcome to the Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments Blog.

Here, we will post updates about our company, treatment and also some information about tinnitus. We hope that you will find this blog informative and helpful.  For more information on Sound Options and our customized treatment or to contact us, feel free to visit our company website.

– Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments Team