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Preventive Measures for Tinnitus

Noise induced tinnitus, acquired from a history of noise exposure is considered as the most common form of tinnitus. Onset of tinnitus may occur very suddenly or gradually. Exposure to a very loud sound may result in temporary or permanent tinnitus. Here are a few preventive measures for tinnitus: Avoid exposure to excessively loud noise. […]

More Positive Results!

As our follow-up continues with participants in our study, we found more positive results. We’re happy to know that those who are currently using our music package are greatly benefiting from it! Please click on image below to have a closer look.    

Partnering Audiology Clinics

  We are excited to inform you that there are several clinics that are working with us or will be starting to work with us in the coming weeks. What this means is that tinnitus sufferers will have the option to come in to a clinic in person to have their hearing and tinnitus assessed […]

Recognized by Rogers Communications

In recent months, we received support from Rogers after entering a Small Business Big Idea contest.  The panel of business experts chose 5 businesses from across Canada from hundreds of entries. In our entry, we leveraged our commitment to cutting-edge technology, which is key to producing an effective tinnitus sound therapy.  We continue this approach […]

Positive Results from 3-month Follow-up

Three-month follow-ups with some of the tinnitus sufferers who participated in our music therapy study reported positive results. Upon speaking with participants (pseudonyms are used) who have used our music package, they noted good changes to their tinnitus and improvements in their lifestyle, including: A positive, noticeable change in tinnitus loudness. George noted that the […]

Interview with Rogers Business Blog

Recently, Dr. Chrostowski, the founder of Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments Inc. was interviewed by Lauren from Rogers RedBoard Biz business blog.  They had a chance to discuss our approach to our customers,  innovation, and how we look to aim to move forward as a provider of next generation tinnitus sound therapies. You can read the […]

Our New Website and Exciting News

We have recently launched our new website.  Our team has worked hard to fill this website with the kind of content that will be useful to tinnitus sufferers who want to know more about our next-generation sound therapy. We look forward to keeping this blog active with information on our tinnitus treatment, trends in tinnitus […]

Treatment Software Update

  We are happy to announce that the software used to customize our sound therapies is now complete. The last few weeks have involved thorough testing of our algorithms and software, and at this point we are ready to design customized sound therapies for tinnitus. Our next step will be to conduct clinical tests of […]

Tinnitus Treatment: Clinical Investigation

We are currently running a clinical investigation of our sound therapy. This study will help us understand how effective our therapy is and how effectiveness varies for people with different types of tinnitus and tinnitus severity. We have been both recruiting and running participants for the last couple of weeks and are excited to measure […]