Interview with Rogers Business Blog

Recently, Dr. Chrostowski, the founder of Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments Inc. was interviewed by Lauren from Rogers RedBoard Biz business blog.  They had a chance to discuss our approach to our customers,  innovation, and how we look to aim to move forward as a provider of next generation tinnitus sound therapies.

You can read the full article  here.

Sound Options has received support from Rogers after demonstrating a cutting-edge approach to treating tinnitus. We are excited to leverage the technology and support of Rogers to deliver treatments effectively and quickly.

Our New Website and Exciting News

We have recently launched our new website.  Our team has worked hard to fill this website with the kind of content that will be useful to tinnitus sufferers who want to know more about our next-generation sound therapy.

We look forward to keeping this blog active with information on our tinnitus treatment, trends in tinnitus research,  and any information that may be useful to the millions of people with tinnitus.

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What is even more exciting is that we are happy to report that early clinical tests of our customized music therapy have shown positive results. We are looking forward to continuing our clinical investigation to further validate the treatment that we have developed.

Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments is committed to providing a proven effective tinnitus therapy.

We’ve made great progress so far and we are close to being able to offer our treatment to the public.

Check back each week to see what we have been up to.