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Sound Therapy as a Treatment

Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) usually occurs when neurons in the brain fire when they are not supposed to. Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments uses specially modified music to stimulate the ear and brain, and to reduce the causes of tinnitus. The way we modify the music is customized to each individual based on how they hear and what their tinnitus sounds like.

Check out our latest clinical results in 2015!
Sound Options therapy drastically reduced tinnitus severity over 12 months!

Sound Options Recognized

Sound Options covered by the Globe and Mail: Treatment for tinnitus

Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments comes First at Life Sciences Competition!
In April 2015, Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments was announced grand prize winner for developing an effective, affordable and convenient sound therapy for patients suffering from tinnitus. Synapse is a competition recognizing top health and life science innovations in Ontario. Leading healthcare leaders like executives from Johnson & Johnson selected Sound Options as the most feasible life science product with the largest growth potential! Check out Synapse here: Synapse Life Science Competition

Publication in Canadian Audiologist

Sound Options was invited to share the positive research results of the sound therapy and to write an article about tinnitus in Canadian Audiologist. The journal is regularly read by audiologists, hearing aid specialists and physicians. The article discusses the different existing tinnitus treatments, describes the role of brain plasticity in tinnitus, and goes into the details of the clinical trial for testing the effects of our treatment. Check out what healthcare professionals in audiology are reading here: Tackling Tinnitus: The Time Is Now

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Clinics That Work With Sound Options

We are always looking for new partners to help deliver our treatment to tinnitus sufferers. Please feel free to contact us to receive more information about how we can work together with you. You can also browse through our website to find out more.

Finding Our Treatment Near You
If you are looking to obtain our treatment through a clinic near you, please take a look at our current list of partnering clinics. More clinics will be added in the coming weeks.

Sound Options at 2015 Canadian Academy of Audiology Conference
Our trial results were presented at the Canadian Academy of Audiology Conference, the national association of audiology in Canada! We are excited to share and discuss our positive trial results with audiologists, researchers, and other hearing professionals in Canada and beyond. For more information, please visit:
Sound Options at 2015 Canadian Academy of Audiology Conference

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